Saint Patrick School

Back to School!

Hello Parents,

Apologies in advance for this paperwork intrusion on your summer!  Please read, sign and return the following annual school documents as soon as possible.  Each of these forms is needed prior to the first day of school.  After you sign it electronically, the form will be automatically emailed back to us.

  1. Internet Permission Form
    This gives permission to allow your child to access our appropriately-filtered, child-friendly internet network.  Questions about this, please let us know.  Please read the document with your kids (according to their ability) and have them sign it, as well as yourself.  Until this form is signed and returned, your child cannot participate in school internet network activities.  Please fill out one form per child; the child is the User, the Parent gives permission.
  2. Medical Treatment Directive
    Please fill out one form per family, listing each child on the form.
  3. Media Release Permission
    This gives permission for teachers and staff to publish photos of your child(ren).  We use only first names, and often no names.  Most frequent use is for internal purposes –  annual yearbook, class newsletters, Shamrock newsletter.  Please fill out one form per family, the child(ren)’s first and last names goes on the top line.
  4. Lunch Milk Order (optional)
    Ordering Milk at lunch is optional for K-8th grades and Childcare (no Preschool and DK, since they are not here for lunch).  Fees are added to Smart Tuition invoice.  See the order form for details, fill out one form per family.

Many thanks for your help in getting these documents signed and back to us, prior to Aug. 21.





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