Saint Patrick School

The Shamrock 05.03.19




Fri., May 3
9AM Mass
2:30PM, Rosary, May Crowing, Mary Grotto

Sat., May 4
6PM, 125 Year Anniversary Celebration

Tues., May 7
6:30PM, PTO Parent Meeting, School Library

Fri., May 10
Dorothy Day of Service
9AM Mass
2:30, Rosary

Now through May 17
NWEA Testing Window

Looking Ahead
Thurs., May 16
Spring Concert & Variety Show

Sun., May 19
The Lion, The Witch & the Wardrobe, Theater Club Performance

Thurs., May 30
Field Day
6PM, Virtus Class, St. Mary's Lowell, Sign-up

Tues., June 4
8th Grade Graduation

Fri., June 7
Full Day of School

Mon., June 10
Full Day of School

Tues., June 11
11:30 Dismissal, Last Day of School

Lunch Duty
May 6-10
Melnik, Subs

May 13-17
Mills, Mitchell

May 20-24
Morano, Morozowich


Thank You

Mrs. Wojciakowski and Mrs. Samson would like to thank parents, staff and PTO for their very thoughtful gifts to us for Administrative Assistant Day, including a lunch out together!   We feel very appreciated and always look forward to our work days.  We know we have the best students, parents and families around!  It is a pleasure to work here and we thank you for your thoughtfulness and support on this day and all year.   May the Lord bless and keep you all.

2019-2020 Service Commitment Sign Up

Sign Up

Each family, as agreed when registering for the 2019-20 school year, is required to assist with community service/fundraising activities for our school. This list includes a variety of activities that are needed for our school to continue to support current programs, fulfill its mission, and remain viable.  Please make your selections and sign up by May 17.

Families with children in grades K- 8 are required to sign up for 2 events.
Preschool and DK families are required to sign up for 1 event.

Events are "works in progress" and any changes to this list will be communicated as quickly as possible. Activities are available on a first come, first served basis.  If you have a skill or interest you would like to share instead of something listed, please give the school office a call. We welcome your ideas and interests.   Your commitment will be confirmed in September; more specific information about the events will be provided by the Coordinator as the date approaches.  Check with the School Office if you have questions.  Thank you.


Sign Up

If you have not yet taken Virtus, here's a chance for a very local option!  St. Mary's in Lowell has scheduled at VIRTUS class on Thursday, May 30th from 6-9PM.  This is a required class for parents of children at St. Patrick School and/or those volunteering in children's programs in the school or parish (sports, clubs, lunch duty, Science Olympiad, etc. )  It is a one time requirement.  To sign up for the class, click the link above.  Thank you.

Year End Calendar Extension 

From Mr. Czarnopys:
I have received direction from the Superintendent that all of our Catholic schools are to account for all 180 days required by the Diocese of Grand Rapids. St. Pat's will  be able to count the initial 9 days of forgiveness allowed by the state. This year we have had 14 Snow Days, which means that we have 5 days to make up. We've added three days to our calendar already which means we have to add 2 days to the end of the school year to remain in compliance with the diocese. Thus, we will have a full week of school June 3 – 7, a full day on Monday, June 10 and our last day of the school year will be a half day on Tuesday, June 11.  This will not impact preschool, DK or 8th grade end of year dates. I apologize for any inconvenience that this causes your family. Below I have included excerpts from our superintendent’s email about the additional day requirement to our school year.
 “Regardless of any additional days that may be forgiven by the state of Michigan, Catholic schools within the Diocese of Grand Rapids must extend the school year to account for all snow days beyond the first 9 days. Please use this notice as documentation of your superintendent’s approval of the 3 additional days beyond the initial 6. Bishop Walkowiak has made it clear that individual schools must adhere to diocesan calendar standards. He considers compliance with the school calendar standards to be one of the superintendent’s primary responsibilities.”
For outlying schools – St. Pat's falls into this category
Many of you have been making up days whenever you could - winter break, spring break, Easter Monday, extending into June - trying to sync as well as possible to your local school districts in order to maintain as many services as possible for as many days as you can.
Please extend the year as necessary into June to account for all 180 days minus the 9 allowable snow days.”
“If a parent(s) choose(s) not to take advantage of the opportunity for additional days, they will be considered excused absences, but we should be there for those that would choose this opportunity for their children."

“We are responsible for the full value of a Catholic education. Our parents have invested in their children, and as a result, we owe them the full value."

Classroom Expansion

From Mr. Czarnopys:
I am pleased to announce that we will be moving forward with a classroom addition to our school. Currently, we have two classrooms (Mrs. West's and Mrs. Markules's) that are approximately 2/3rds the size of our normal classrooms. As we look toward the future, these classrooms will not provide adequate space for our students.
We will begin working with an architect in the coming weeks and some general information is as follows:
  • Two larger classrooms will be added to the middle school wing, off of where Mrs. Gasper's (8th Grade) current classroom is located
  • The two smaller existing classrooms will be combined to one large space that will be used for Band, Music and the Adult Choir
  • The current music/choir room will be used for additional child care space
  • Our goal is to begin construction after festival with a tentative timeline of 6-7 months for completion
  • We will not need to campaign for this project. Donations and parish savings will cover the cost. The festival auction will become a high priority for the school moving forward as the profits will fund tuition scholarships and replenish the funds taken from savings for the building project.
In the coming weeks Father Tom will write about the project in the bulletin. I will share this when available and will also share additional details after solidifying plans with the architect.
Middle School Chromebooks
After discussions with our school board we have decided to require students in grades 6-8 to purchase a chromebook as part of their school supplies. Later in the year, I will provide multiple purchasing options for families. Additionally, families will be able to purchase on their own, or purchase from the school if they would like to be billed over 12 months in SMART tuition. All devices whether bought through the school, or independently, will require our monitoring software on the device. I will provide more information to current 5th-7th grade families near the end of the year to prepare for next school year. (note - financial assistance will be considered for those in need)
It's an exciting time here at St. Pat's and we are so grateful for your continued support!

2019-2020 School Calendar

2019-2020 Calendar

Subject to change, this is the calendar for 2019-2020, to date!

PTO Invites You!

Hello parents!  Tuesday, May 7th, will be our next PTO meeting located in our school library at 6:30-7:30.  Parents, we would love to see you there!  PTO is a great way to meet people and make things happen for our school.  We look forward to hearing your ideas and opinions on events that our children will be a part of!  We look forward to seeing you soon.  Have a blessed weekend,  St. Patrick school PTO

Lowell Museum Summer Camps


Summer Skills Sharpener

Flier and Sign Up Instructions

Lowell Sports

Sideline Cheer Informational Flier

Youth Football League Flier

Lunch Duty

Families in K-8 have a lunch duty commitment.  We need your assistance in order to have safe, organized and fun playground time.  Generally your commitment is 1 week every other year.  If you are unable to do lunch duty during your assigned week, you can switch with other parents for a schedule that works better for you; you can ask members of your immediate family to do a lunch for you; you can contact lunch subs (see list, $8/day).  Our subs have been working double-time for many weeks.  We are asking if possible, please work your lunch duty and also please consider making yourself available to sub for others.  If we can add your name to the sub list, even if it is just one or two days a week, please let us know.  It is a great way to see your kids during the day, bring them a special lunch, meet their friends and get some playtime for yourself.  Thank you.

Artifacts for 125 Year Celebration 

The date for the adult evening celebration of 125 Years is May 4.  Please put it on your calendar and plan to attend to mark this historic event!  Details soon. We are looking for items from St. Patrick School’s history for an exhibition this spring. If you have any of the following that you would be willing to let us borrow, please call, text, or email Brianna Venturo at 616-581-1805 or  Suggested items we are looking for: old uniforms, pictures, yearbooks, school regalia. Deadline:  April 26th.  Thanks! 

Protect Young Eyes

 A link to this week's post.

Virtus Training

Please register using the link above and check for locations and dates anytime and sign up anytime, by logging into   All parents of St. Patrick School children need to take this class. 
Dave Faber, Superintendent of Catholic Schools, Diocese of Grand Rapids, outlines safe environment policies and practices in the Diocese in this update. We appreciate your commitment to Protecting God's Children.  

Franciscan Life Process Center

Summer Camps

Franciscan Life Process Center Grand Rapids Campus  654  Davis Ave. NW 49504
Introduction to NFP/FABM
May 21  6:30 - 8:00 pm  Grand Rapids Campus

Join us at our Grand Rapids Campus for this one-time session perfect for anyone looking for basic information about Natural Family Planning, also known as a Fertility Awareness Based Method (FABM) of family planning. The introduction will cover the basics of how FABMs work, effectiveness, differences between the various methods, and some basic Church teachings. This class may also help fulfill marriage preparation requirements.  Cost: $20 Individuals  $30 Couples Fee waived for clergy To learn more, please contact Laura Chapin, LMSW, at

A Mendicant Cookout with the Dominican priests in Grand Rapids and the Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist
Tuesday, May 14  6:30 - 8:30 pm
Enjoy an evening of preparing food and sharing a meal with the Dominican Fathers and the Franciscan Sisters.  Registration is limited to 20 people. Cost: $25 Please go to to register.   Franciscan Life Process Center Lowell Campus 11650 Downes St. NE Lowell MI 49331

Summer Experiences for Children 2019
Led by Sister Mary Paul Moller, FSE, the Franciscan Life Process Center offers day camps for children (ages 6 - 15):  June 26 - 28 Art from Nature; August 7 - 9 Bugs, Bees, and Creepy Crawlies; and August 14 - 16 Where Did this Come From:  From Seed to Table

Please go to or call 897-7842 to learn more

New!  529 Tuition Savings Accounts for K-12

More Info

A tool for saving for college has been expanded to elementary and secondary education.

Through 529 plans, investments grow free of federal taxes, and withdrawals are free of federal taxes when spent on qualified education expenses for elementary, secondary or higher education. Parents, grandparents, godparents, aunts, uncles and anyone interested in helping provide for a child’s education may contribute.

Lunch Duty Schedule

Each family assists with lunch supervision during the school year, according to an alphabetical schedule.  The lunch duty schedule is printed each week in the Shamrock, several weeks in advance. Please arrive at 11:15 to sign in at the school office; lunch goes until 12:35.  K-2nd: 11:20-12:05;
6-8th: 11:30-12:00 (Lunch in classrooms);  3-5th: 11:50-12:35.

If you are unable to do lunch duty during your week, you may arrange for a sub.  Subs are contacted and reimbursed directly by you at a rate of $8/day.  If you would like to be a sub, contact the school office - more are always needed!  You may also try switching weeks or days with other families, instead of paying a sub, to make it work for your schedule. 

Questions, contact the school office, 691-8833. Thank you for helping! 

Lunch Subs
Bonnie Kelly-Schwartz  914-419-6874
Katie Heffron 517-392-0337
Nikki Bernreuter 648-4419, 897-9858
Deb Baker 734-7370
Jill Foss 890-8431, Th & F only
Jamie Dye 524-6006, Wed & Fri
Vanessa Tessmer 250-1816, M only

Transparency Dashboard for School Financial Highlights & More

For information on Financials, Student Achievement, Perception Surveys/Goal Setting, see the Transparency Dashboard, posted on the school website, in the Parents & Students menu.

Uniform Provider

Order How To

Saint Patrick School's uniform provider is Flynn O'Hara - PARENT PORTAL .  You are not required to buy from the provider. However, anything listed on the site is part of our dress code in case you need a visual reference. In addition, the company will embroider our school logo for any items purchased.  For future reference, a link to the portal will be on our website.

Friday School Rosary

The school students gather in the church every Friday afternoon that school is in session to pray the Rosary  (except during Lent when we pray the Stations), at 2:35PM.  All are welcome to join us in this devotion to the Blessed Mother.

First Friday Adoration

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament  follows 9AM Mass until 4PM on every First Friday of the month.   Adorers are need for one-hour time slots and each hour requires at least 2 adorers.  To schedule your visitation hour please call Beth Zambon at 874-7572. All are most welcome to participate in the veneration of the Sacrament of Divine Love.  “If anyone thirsts, let him come to me; let him drink who believes in me. Scripture has it ‘From within him rivers of living water shall flow.”’ ~John 7:37 

Tuition Savings

Benefit is a free iPhone and Android app that allows you to shop at places like Target, Starbucks, Amazon, Walmart and many more, while giving up to 20% of every transaction back to your SMART tuition account, other designated tuition account or to general tuition assistance. Just shop as usual and when it comes time to checkout, use the Benefit app to purchase a digital gift card to redeem instantly.  For instance, buy $100 of Gap merchandise, and $8 (8%) goes back to your SMART tuition account, a designated tuition account or general tuition assistance.   It doesn't cost you a dime beyond what you were already going to spend.  It's raising funds without fundraising! 

Download the app and select your school as your chosen beneficiary to start saving or giving today.

For more information go to Feel free to forward this email to family and friends. The more people who participate, the more you earn!

Did you know that with a little planning ahead, SCRIP can lead to big tuition savings?  Last year, participating St. Patrick families saved a combined total of $5000 on their annual tuition costs!  SCRIP is a program where gift cards or gift certificates are purchased and used for the full face value and a percentage of the face value is credited to a specific child’s tuition account. SCRIP can be used at participating grocery stores, gas stations, retail stores, fast food, full service restaurants, etc. Friends and relatives can also purchase SCRIP and apply their proceeds to a specific child’s tuition account. 

Here’s how it works: Sign up for the SCRIP program at St. Patrick School and designate the tuition account for the proceeds to be applied. Place an order by Monday – either online or by dropping the order form and payment off, and orders are sent home on Thursdays.  If SCRIPNow! is used online, SCRIP can be used within minutes. Now you can take your gift cards or certificates and use them as cash wherever you shop.  For more information, or to register an account, please contact Kara Schut at 517-881-4091 or  To sign up online, please visit   The St. Patrick School enrollment code is D65LF3L2184

Stay Connected

Take the extra step and stay connected with all things Saint Patrick School. Our Social Media presence provides the most up to date information on school happenings, pictures of students during the school day and also a look into the thoughts of your principal! Please take the time to follow us at:




Catholic Schools- Diocese of Grand Rapids

Classroom Websites

Mrs. West    Mrs. Kevic    Mrs. Gasper    Mrs. Markules     Mrs. Doyle     Mrs. Leckenby   Miss D'Aurora  Miss Faber  Middle School Home Page   Mrs. Gwisdalla  Mrs. Krebill

Ways to Earn Free Stuff for our School

We collect Box Tops, Tyson proofs of purchase...send them in to the school office!  

The Tyson  Labels can be confusing because they look different on different products.  They are worth .24 cents a label!  Here are some examples:






Visit  My Coke Rewards  register,  follow directions to enter codes, and donate to St. Patrick School.  Points earn a selection of items from which we can choose.  Thank you!

When purchasing from Office Depot, give them our school code, 70048450, and we earn points towards money off office supply purchases.



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