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Volunteer Opportunities

Time, Talent, Treasure

The future of Saint Patrick School depends on YOU. We welcome you to get involved and make a difference in the lives of the children in the community. Please consider offering your TIME, TALENT, and/or TREASURE to the students who attend Saint Pat’s. With your support, Saint Patrick School will continue to provide quality Catholic Education in our community for many years to come.


Contact us to find out how you can impact the lives of our students!

Volunteer Safety Requirements

The Diocese of Grand Rapids, as well as Saint Patrick Parish and School, make the safety of minors our priority. We encourage volunteers to make an impact in the lives of our children and appreciate the time, talent and treasure that everyone offers. To help keep our children safe, please complete the following information if you plan to volunteer in any activities with minors that is not under direct supervision of our staff. Thank you for all you do!

Please contact us to fulfill the required training to volunteer on our campus.

Councils & Committees

Parent Teacher Organization

Parent Teacher Organization's mission is to provide resources to supplement educational opportunities for students through curriculum enrichment, classroom support, and community building. 

Athletic Boosters

The purpose of the Saint Patrick School Athletic Program at the elementary/middle school level is to complement the home, church, and school in the development of the “whole person”.  Activities of the program are for the benefit of the children, suited to their age and physical growth.

Saint Patrick School offers a sports program for ALL parish members in 5th through 8th grades as well as introductory (club) sports programs for 3rd and 4th grade children.  Registration for all sports programs is open to the School and Parish children.

 The primary goals of the Saint Patrick Athletic Program is to recognize the need for physical fitness in the wholesome growth of a child, and to provide enjoyable recreational activity that develops Christian attitudes of sportsmanship and fair play that can be sustained beyond the elementary level.

The Saint Patrick School Athletic Program is guided by its Athletic Director, the School’s Principal and the Saint Patrick Athletic Association (Boosters).  The Athletic Boosters is an association of parents with participating athletes that meets regularly as an advisory group to the school’s athletic program.  The Athletic Boosters also act as a fundraising group to raise monies to support the needs of the program as they have identified.

If you have any questions regarding our Saint Patrick School Athletic Program please contact our athletic director, Jamie Dye, at

School Board of Directors

The School Board of Directors responsibilities include:

Strategic planning.

Formulation of local school policies, other than those held in reserved powers, to guide planning and administration in the areas of: Academic affairs; Student affairs; Faith community affairs; Business affairs; Development affairs.  All policies must be consistent with and not contradict Diocesan policies.

Evaluation of the Principal according to the process established by the Superintendent of Schools; of effectiveness of local school policies and plans; of effectiveness of Board operations; of mission effectiveness.

Oversight of financial operations.

Oversight of and participation in institutional advancement/development programs designed to attract human and financial resources.

Mission effectiveness.

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