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Our School Board


As members of St. Patrick’s School Board, our vision is an extension of the diocese’s vision in that we are one body that is faith driven in providing the school with leadership, mentorship, and recommendations that enhance the quality of growth of our school.

Who We Are

St. Pat’s school board is intended to represent the community, consisting of a collection of parents, alumni/parents of alums, leaders within the communities, and parishioners. 

Pictured Left to Right: Jeff Westbrook, Linne Bunn, Scott Pullen, Beverly Bobko, Andy Paiz, Jamie Dye, Joe Zupancic, Robert Camp (Not Pictured: Wade Bernreuter)

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What We Do

The school board meets in-person every other month during the school year and twice during the summer. 

Details of the board’s responsibilities are as follows:

Strategic Planning

The school board is active in helping to build the structure of the strategic plan while providing guidance each year to its continuous evolution and overall effectiveness.  Click here to see the full details of St. Pat's current Strategic Plan.

Formulating Policies

Formulation of school policies, other than policies already held in reserved powers, which are intended to guide planning and administration in the areas of Academic, Student, Faith Community, Business and Development Affairs.


Evaluation of effectiveness of local school policies and plans, mission effectiveness, effectiveness of Board operations, and the principal under the direction of the Pastor according to the process established by the Superintendent of School.

Financial Operations

St. Pat’s has a stand-alone Finance Council who helps ensure accountability for and responsibility regarding contributions of the community while providing trust and credibility with the parishioners and community.  Through strong partnership, the school board consults with the Finance Council, Principal, and Pastor to ensure overall alignment regarding the school’s business and financial affairs.  This collaborative effort includes board approval of recommendations provided by the Finance Council.

For more details about what is covered during the board meetings, please  review past Meeting Minutes.

Submit Feedback

In an effort to ensure the board is continuously meeting the needs of the community, we wanted to provide an opportunity for you to submit suggestions.  Whether you would like to learn more about what we do or have a comment or idea that you’d like to share with the board, we want to hear it.  If you’d like to reach out, please fill out your name, email, and your feedback via the form below.  All feedback submitted will be reviewed by the board.  If board follow-up is required, please make note that the board will respond shortly after the following board meeting from when feedback is submitted. 

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