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Tuition & Savings

Full-Time Tuition Rates

One Child


Two Children


Three Children


Four or More Children


Important Note

We intend to honor the multi-child scale for families with children in full-time and part-time programs (ex. If a family has 2 children in full time and one in part time, we will give the multi-child rate that is LESS for the family).

Registration Fees

The fee for a new family is $125. The registration fee is non-refundable and must be paid to be considered registered. Please turn the packet and fee in as soon as possible to help us plan appropriately for the upcoming school year.

All families must register for School Admin, a third-party tuition collection service. A $38 fee is charged annually.

Registration and School Admin fees will be waived for any family that pays off tuition in full to start the school year.


New Family Discount

New families receive half off tuition when enrolling a full time student!

Tuition Assistance

Catholic Schools do not receive funding from the government. We are a  private, non-profit, religious organization that depends on funding from tuition, parish subsidy, fundraising and donations. Part of our mission at Saint Patrick School is to make Catholic Education available and affordable for ALL families in our community. Funds are raised each year to help families that are committed to Catholic Education but may be experiencing financial hardships.  Please consider speaking with our Pastor or Principal about tuition assistance options.


Active Parishioners From Other Catholic Parishes

Your parish will provide financial support for each full time student if you are active parishioners.  To request this support, please fill out the Parish Support Form and turn it into your home parish. After being verified as an active parishioner, your family will receive the St. Patrick Parishioner rates outlined above.

Raise Right Program

Did you know that with a little planning ahead, Raise Right (formerly known as SCRIP) can lead to big tuition savings? Save on your tuition bill each year! Last year, participating St. Patrick families saved a combined total of $5000 on their annual tuition costs!

Raise Right is a program where gift cards or gift certificates are purchased and used for the full face value and a percentage of the face value is credited to a specific child’s tuition account. Raise Right can be used at participating grocery stores, gas stations, retail stores, fast food, full service restaurants, etc. Friends and relatives can also purchase through Raise Right and apply their proceeds to a specific child’s tuition account.

Here’s how it works: Sign up for the Raise Right program at St. Patrick School and designate the tuition account for the proceeds to be applied. Place an order by Monday – either online or by dropping the order form and payment off, and orders are sent home on Thursdays. If Raise Right cards are purchased online, they can be used within minutes. Now you can take your gift cards or certificates and use them as cash wherever you shop.

For more information, or to register an account, please contact Kara Schut at To sign up online, please visit here.  Reach out via email for the enrollment code. 

Non-Catholic Tuition Rates

Please contact the school office for a tour and to discuss non-Catholic tuition rates.

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