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Meet Our Staff




Fr. Tom Cavera

Having grown up in nearby Rockford, Fr. Tom is delighted to be assigned to this beautiful parish community.  He is beginning his third year as the Canonical Administrator and hopes to continue to bring the gospel message to the people of Parnell for many years to come.



Scott Czarnopys

It is a privilege and honor to serve Saint Patrick School and the entire Saint Patrick community. Every child is a gift from God, and it is my mission to ensure that we provide the highest quality Catholic Education for each and every student.


Assistant Principal

Connie Leckenby

Having been a teacher at St. Patrick School for 12 years, I am excited to take on the role of assistant principal.  My mission is to positively impact student learning by supporting our teachers, mentoring new teachers, and  working towards continuous school improvement.


Administrative Assistant

Nicole Gross

St. Patrick Parnell is the reason why Nicole became Catholic. She started attending Mass in 2015 and joined the staff here during the summer of 2018. When not at work, Nicole enjoys running and spending time with her family. Nicole loves being a part of this amazing community!



Child Enrichment

Katie Albert

 Some families do not have this luxury and finding childcare that is supportive can be challenging. For me, being able to care for the children of our St. Patrick's family is an absolute honor. I believe that children learn best through play and I strive to create and maintain a safe environment where they can grow while exploring God's world around them.



Breanne Bowerman

My purpose as a preschool teacher is to instill kindness and confidence through positive learning and collaborative play. It’s my desire to create a safe place here at St. Patrick School, where our students want to come to learn with their peers while furthering their education academically, socially, & spiritually each day.


Transitional Kindergarten

Kristina Gwisdalla

It is my mission to provide a faith filled environment that motivates and challenges each child to reach their highest potential. To take an active role in shaping the experiences that promotes the uniqueness and creativity of each child. To encourage, nurture and support each child through my interaction, dedication and commitment to this community.



Courtney Krebill

Kindergarten is such an exciting year of learning.  I have a passion for watching children grow and develop.  I love being able to teach the social and readiness skills, bible stories and starting them on the path for their educational journey. 

I hope to encourage and foster a love for learning in every child that I have the pleasure of teaching.


First Grade

Dorothy Remington

As an alumni of Assumption BVM School, West Catholic High School and Aquinas College, I understand and live the immeasurable value of Catholic education.  I aspire to let Christ’s light shine brightly through my love, care and dedication for my students and their families as we work together to grow in education, family and faith...all toward our Heavenly goal.


Second Grade

Sydney VanDyken

My hope is to give my students a learning environment that allows them to grow to their fullest potential. I am passionate about providing an experience where I can share my Catholic faith and my students can become who God made them to be. I know that they will bring their gifts and talents to the classroom, our school, and church community. 


Third Grade

Elizabeth D'Aurora

 I hope to show my students that by using what they learn from books, from the Gospel and from the people around them, each one of them is capable of incredible things. I want my students to discover that each of them is a scientist, a mathematician, an artist, a reader and an author that has something to offer to their families, our class, our parish, and the world. around them


Fourth Grade

Tara Pigorsh

Growing up in Belding, Tara can’t ever remember a time when she wasn’t enthralled with the idea of teaching. For her, teaching in a Catholic school is a wonderful opportunity to share her faith with her students and be able to discuss religion in the classroom. Beyond that, Tara finds it a joy to be able to create a lesson and watch it engage students. 


Fifth Grade

Maureen Markules

I spent 12 years as a student in the Diocese of Grand Rapids, and my four children have also grown up in the Catholic School System. I have seen firsthand the importance of a Christ Centered Education. I am looking forward to guiding my students next year as they grow in their faith and hope to inspire in them a love of God and service to others.


Sixth Grade &

Middle School Math

Traci West

Traci's hope is to create a positive learning environment for all students that focuses on caring relationships and values the gifts that each child brings with them to the classroom. Traci has been teaching at St Patrick School for over ten years. She enjoys journeying with each student towards success. 


Seventh Grade &

Middle School ELA

Nikki Kevic

Seventh grade is a time of great transition. As students enter the teen years, they form strong attitudes and opinions that will shape their future. As they seek independence, it is my goal to motivate them to love learning and guide them in becoming faith-filled young adults. Nikki seeks to bless her students each day.


Eighth Grade &

Middle School Science

Lynette Gasper

My hope for all students is that they will strive to be the person God wants them to be.  I work to instill in them a desire to make choices that are drawing them closer to God. As the time approaches to leave St. Patrick School, I want them to be confident and responsible students who manage their time wisely.

Support Staff


Middle School Math

Karen Richmond


Media Center

Wade Bernreuter


Technology Teacher

Kris Krieger


Band Director

Lauren Duflo


Art Teacher

Maegan Shipp


Athletic Director

Jamie Dye



Gene McMurray


Learning Support

Holly Zimmerman

Academic Support

Michelle Doyle


Academic Support

Hope Levandoski


Comm. Coordinator

Cassie Haskin


Grace Welsh



Stephanie Andrews



Melissa Nugent



Erin Whitman



Andrea Schmidt



Amanda Fischer



Kate Albert



Jenny Albert



Marie Ryan


Preschool Aide

Elaine Buehner


Child Enrichment

Bonnie Kelly


Child Enrichment

Jillian Westbrook


Child Enrichment

Krysti Savaya


Child Enrichment

Dawn Seif

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