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Our Vision & Values


Guided by our Roman Catholic Faith, Saint Patrick School prepares the whole child, spiritually, intellectually, socially and culturally, To Know God, To Love God, and To Serve All.


At Saint Patrick School, we believe in educating the whole child, instilling strong Christian values and Catholic teachings which foster a love of God in all aspects of life.

From the playground to the classroom to the lunchroom, you’ll find a level of mutual care and respect between students and staff that is unlike any other. Virtues like kindness, compassion, mercy, patience, gratitude, inclusion and tolerance are modeled throughout the school, allowing all students to thrive in a safe, nurturing environment.


To achieve our mission and vision, St. Patrick School operates on a set of values that underlie everything we do. These serve as the foundational pillars of our education. Just as deep roots are needed to sustain the health of a tree, these timeless characteristics help us nurture children so they can grow into the adults God intends them to be.

You’ll find the following values interweaved into all the programs at St. Patrick School:


We treat each other with kindness in all that we do. Students are reminded that kindness is not only about what we say but how we say it. That extends to teachers who are expected to always speak with kindness even when issuing corrections.


Compassion dictates we work to assist those in need however possible. Students at St. Patrick School embrace compassion in both small and big ways, from lending an ear to a classmate having a difficult day to participating in service projects that have local, national and global reach.


At St. Patrick School, forgiveness and mercy is the default response to mistakes. We encourage it among students and staff alike. Poor student behavior must be addressed, but we do not linger over it. When issues arise, we correct, we forgive and we move forward.


Students at St. Patrick School learn patience can take many forms – from waiting for our turn to sitting quietly while classmates complete their work.


We understand that all we have comes from God. From our material possessions to our innate skills, students are reminded to show gratitude for the gifts they have received.


We believe a Catholic education should be accessible to everyone. Our classrooms include students with various needs, from those with mobility issues to those with learning challenges, as well as students from diverse ethnic and economic backgrounds.


Tolerance is a misunderstood value. It does not mean turning a blind eye to moral truths. Instead, it means understanding we are all made in the image and likeness of God and all people are deserving of love and respect as His children.


The mission, vision and values of St. Patrick School were created as a collaborative effort of parents, parishioners and school staff. Our commitment to you is to continue to be responsive to our school and parish community who have identified four core areas as central to St. Patrick School. We strive to address each area in the following ways:


Catholic Culture & Mission

Make a Catholic education more accessible to all who desire it
Nurture in each student a deeper relationship with Christ and participation in the sacramental life of the Church
Promote active engagement of all students and families in parish life

Programmatic Excellence
Conduct continuous strategic planning to improve collaboration and transparency
Enhance opportunities for academic excellence and co-curricular activities
Prepare for school faculty needs for the 21st Century

Affordability & Accessibility
Welcome families of diverse cultural backgrounds
Increase affordability for all
Include & support students with a broad range of learning needs


Stewardship & Sustainability
Maintain classroom sizes that promote optimal learning
Explore and propose sustainable revenue models
Ensure transparency and impact through accountability and metrics

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